Download Any Key!

Tired of those games that ask you to "Press Any Key", but you don't have an Any Key? You've been stuck at those loading screens for all these years, desperately searching for a keyboard that will give you that bless├Ęd plastic cap.

Well, search no more! Our software-only solution will finally give you the key that you need to finally start popular games such as Borderlands 3, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Mass Effect.

Give it to me!


A single Any key.

Any Key

Our Any Key starter pack. Good for launching one game.

Five Any keys.

Any Keys (5)

Five Any Keys, for those who love our product.

Twenty-Five Any keys.

Any Keys (25)

Twenty-Five Any Keys, providing nearly unlimited game-starting capability.

One-Hundred Any keys.

Any Keys (100)

A family-sized pack of Any Keys. For your family of one.

By the way, you'll need Blender to open these.